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The ABC Triplets

Our names are Brett Pennington and Alcine Phang. We are both law enforcement officers.  On June 2012 we found out Alcine was expecting triplets.  On one of the ultrasounds, the doctor informed us that the one of the babies might not be able to make it.  We were devastated.

On November 2012, on a routine doctor s checkup, the specialist informed us it was time for the babies to be born. The only option to save all the babies was an emergency C-Section or wait for the inevitable. The C-section was successful. Brett, Aiden and Colton were admitted to the NICU.

We live in the City of Palm Bay. Palm Bay is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes North of Miami, on the east coast. Due to the travel time and the above conditions of our children, we did not have family or friends to stay with in Miami. The doctor advised us to get a recommendation to stay at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH). The RMH staff accommodated us with all our needs, and due to the staff there, we were fortunate enough to be taken in the very same day that she was discharged from the hospital. The RMH staff is understanding of our needs and is always volunteering to assist in any way they can. They supplies essential supplies if you need them. Our stay at the House has been exceptional, especially since we do not live in the area, and need to be with our children.