Non-Discrimination Policy, Inc.



Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc. (“RMHC”) does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, gender identification, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status or any other prohibited basis, in any of its activities or operations. RMHC is committed to providing an inclusive and compassionate environment for all volunteers, staff, service providers, contractors and those to whom RMHC provides services. Fair and equal consideration will be made to any applicant of an RMHC program, including a program that includes eligibility criteria. Any such applicant who meets the eligibility criteria will be evaluated on the same basis as any other applicant who meets the same eligibility criteria and without regard to any actual or perceived protected class as described in this Non-Discrimination Policy.

RMHC does not condone any form of harassment, joking remarks, bullying or other abusive conduct (including verbal, non-verbal and/or physical conduct) that demeans or shows hostility directed at another individual’s actual or perceived protected class as described in this Non-Discrimination Policy. RMHC does not condone any form of conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment or that otherwise unreasonably interferes with the mission, purpose and values of RMHC.


This Non-Discrimination Policy shall apply to all RMHC Trustees, officers, staff, volunteers and representatives, including employees of McDonald’s Corporation and/or its subsidiaries who provide support and services to RMHC. McDonald’s employees must also comply with McDonald’s Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment and McDonald’s Standards of Business Conduct. McDonald’s employees who fail to fulfill their responsibilities under these policies may be subject to discipline by McDonald’s, up to and including termination.


Whatever their personal opinions or biases, RMHC staff, contractor and volunteer actions should reflect the RMHC core values of inclusion and diversity. Staff and volunteers should be aware that invitees and others may bring their own views, prejudices, and cultural and religious beliefs and preconceptions into the RMHC environment. Staff should accommodate all individuals and should attempt to diffuse any situations that potentially could create a hostile or offensive work environment. In accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, the needs of each individual should be balanced to maintain a harmonious and productive work environment. RMHC will investigate all reports of violations of this Non-Discrimination Policy and will take appropriate corrective action as warranted.


Adopted by the RMHC Board of Trustees